Bicycle & Accessories

Fort Langley Cyclery caters to the many road cyclists that come to our town; offering a full range of performance road bicycles, parts, and accessories that give you the opportunity to take your cycling adventures to the next level; whether you are ‘just trying it out’ or trying to get your foot onto the podium.

We also carry a wide variety of stylish city bikes that are comfortable and easy to ride – designed to keep clothing clean and dry – making cycling around town or commuting to work a very appealing option. Fort Langley Cyclery’s range of apparel and accessories further exude this perfect blend between function and fashion.

We carry bicycles from Felt, Look, Opus, Pashley, Linus, and Traitor, along with stylish bags and baskets from Basil, Gore clothing, Pearl Izumi clothing and footwear, SKS fenders and pumps, and Brooks leather saddles, as well as many other top-quality products from across Europe and North America.

Full Service Shop

Our full-service repair shop is capable of whatever your bicycle (or tricycle) might require, short of welding metals or patching carbon fibre. The following is a list of the various service packages we offer.

Brake System Tune-up – $40
Restore your confidence for that perfect descent.
Drivetrain Tune-up – $50
Fall in love again with the feeling of crisp shifting.
Safety Tune-up – $45
The safety tune-up involves a full inspection and adjustment of all components of the bicycle.
Standard Tune-up – $60
The Standard addresses the basic needs of the whole bicycle, from inspection to cleaning and adjustment.
Major Tune-up – $90
The Major is meant for very well-used bicycles. It does everything the standard tune-up does, but with an extra emphasis on cleaning.
Complete Overhaul – $150
For those who really respect their ride. Treat yourself and your bike to a day at the spa.

For all other repairs, we charge a basic shop rate of $45 per hour. Cost estimates will be given when you bring the bike into the shop.

Appointments can be made by phone (604-881-2453) or email (, or you can simply drop it off during business hours. Your bicycle should never have to spend more than three days in the shop.