Cycling For Fitness

Your cycling pleasure wills not improve and improve your abilities. Speed training should be included by Cycling for fitness . Till you have built a fantastic fitness level do not start speed training. Look over your fitness like a pyramid. The broader the base the peaks you will achieve. Here […] Read More

Year-end Clearance

I haven’t written a blog since our last sale, back in May. That’s sad, because much has happened, and I’m sure you’d all love to read about it: three gran fondos, a couple more local races, some lovely custom bikes, and a whole beautiful, completed renovation. Instead of recounting all the […] Read More

Anniversary Sale!

We’re two years old, and quite proud of it. You may have already seen the posters in our windows, or the ads online, or maybe you heard a radio ad on JRFM or The Peak. Now you can read the blog and get all the details. There’s a lot going on […] Read More