What are the characteristics of a hurricane of Category 4 intensity? As stated on the NHC’s website, damage of a catastrophic kind is expected. The loss of the roof and several walls is usually sufficient to severely damage even solidly framed homes. Power lines will be blown down, and most trees will be shattered or uprooted. Trees and electrical lines that have fallen will cut off neighborhoods. Power outages could extend for several weeks. There will be weeks or months where most of the sites are unusable.

What type of property damage is most likely to occur during a hurricane?

Listed below are the types of property damage that can occur in a hurricane. 


Category 4 hurricanes have winds of 130 to 156 miles per hour, which is more than enough to tear off even the toughest roofs. The experts from companies like PuroClean of Davie agree that the insurance company’s decision on whether or not to pay for the failure depends on several criteria. To what extent has this roof aged? Have there been previous repairs? Did it need fixing, or was it fine? And perhaps most crucially, what sort of protection did you buy? Standard insurance policies will typically pay to restore a roof to its pre-hurricane condition if it is reasonably fresh and in good shape. Some will even pay for a new roof if the old one is severely damaged.


Heavy rains and flying debris can enter houses through broken roofs, windows, and doors, causing damage to walls, flooring, and furnishings. Another problem on the inside? A proliferation of mold! Experts point out that mold damage is common following hurricanes but that most insurance has coverage limits for this issue. Look up “storm damage restoration companies near meto find out if there are companies in your area that can assist you. 


The water and power surge that frequent hurricanes bring to businesses can damage many kinds of equipment. Electrical equipment, transformers, generators, air-conditioning systems, electronic data processing, computer equipment, and telephone systems can all be harmed by fire.

Public Utilities

Constructions outside of the direct path of the hurricane are also vulnerable. Electricity, phone lines, and water supply might be interrupted by these windstorms long after landfall. Residents and business owners within a 600-mile radius may need to make insurance claims.

How to proceed if your property has been damaged?

When your property is damaged, you can file a claim with your insurance company or a third party to help pay for the costs of repairs, replacement, and other related emergency restoration expenses. Unfortunately, some insurance companies don’t willingly send over cash without first making the process tough. They can pull off several different maneuvers. They may make you feel responsible for your losses, try to get you to accept a lowball offer by denying or disputing your claims or dragging their feet, and more.

To Wrap It Up

If you have hurricane damage to your home or property, take detailed pictures of the damage before contacting your insurance company. If you feel your insurance carrier has denied your claim in bad faith, seeing a lawyer may help you determine your next steps.