We are cyclists. We are brothers. Now, we are also bike shop owners, and living in some kind of dream.

Come visit us at the shop and share a cappuccino, or just follow our adventures on the blog or Facebook. Cycling is great. You’ll find out soon enough.

We believe that cycling to work should not require carrying a backpack with clean clothes to change into; nor should a recreational Sunday afternoon ride cause a stiff neck the next morning. Steel is cool, titanium is cooler, but your fast bike should really be carbon. Your arm should not go numb after 20 minutes on a bike. Getting the right bicycle – and getting it fit properly – makes these activities easier and more enjoyable. Getting a bike that looks great is just an added bonus at Fort Langley Cyclery. Your bike should not take a week to fix. And it should be done right the first time.

We believe that cycling is a smart transportation alternative and the easiest way to a healthier planet. This is why we support programs like World Bicycle Relief and why we’re members of the Greater Langley Cycling Coalition.

We also believe that cycling is the most amazing tactical sport ever conceived. Really, it’s not even debatable.